Tara “Fun!!! Very easy-going and not intimidating. I’d attend another time.”

Sasha “FUN! KOOKY!”

Beth Ostrander “You have made improv so easy and a date event feel like simply having with good friends Loved it!”

Meryl  “Like the variety. You were great and goofy!”

Jessa “It was fun… engaging, creative and safe – Thalia  you’re an awesome host!”

Sarah “Funny! I laughed a lot!”

Dominique “It was so much fun and relaxing.”

Dee “Was a lot better than expected. I will likely come back”

David “I liked EVERYTHING”

Cameron “I like that you tried new games and the game you invented was fun!”

Jason “How easy and comfortable.”

Alan “I liked everything. Very fun. Great people.”

Ron “Yes, and…” Thalia thanks for progressing from the zany to the personal. Very comfortable.”



Dec. 18th, 2016, The Social Capital

Debbie Calvitto “Fun games. Thalia makes new people to improv feel comfortable.”

Stephen Chu “Very interactive and involved.”

Joseph “Small enthusiastic group. Good way to break ice and be comfortable with breaking the rules.”

Alan “Fun, it got me out of my comfort zone.”

Dani “I liked how easy it is to open up.”

Josh “It’s a ton of fun!”

Akashi “It was fun.”

Hussein “Creative juices flowing… good vibe.”


August 4th, 2016, Bampot Tea House

RA “Love how you get so much fun even if you don’t get a date.”

Martin “Mini games were entertaining. Great and comfortable atmosphere.”

Joseph “Fun games. Good way of breaking the ice.”

Sarah “It was well organized. You made us feel comfortable.”

Michelle ” liked the improv games and meeting new people.”

Danielle “The fun games make people interact with everyone and get to know all sorts of different folks.”

Sylvia “It’s fun and stimulating.”

March 19th Event (2016) at The Social Capital 

Ryan “It was a lot of fun. And it was good to step out of my comfort zone a bit.”

Mike “I liked the naturalness of risk in context/subtext of dating”

Victoria “It was something new and interactive”

Carolina “It was a fresh take on dating.”

Cameron “Combining improv with dating is a great idea and super fun.”

Sarah “I think this is a fantastic idea for a dating event.  It’s a great way for people to gage initial chemistry.”

David “Interacting with possible potential dates, Love the fact that it was playful and engaging. Will definitely come again to suggest it to single friends.”

Dave “I enjoyed that everyone was fun and outgoing.”

Sahar “Fun and interactive activities.”

Nat “Spontaneous and fun.”

February 20th Event (2016) at The Tiff Building

Deborah “Great event! Excellent! I really enjoyed it and had fun! You were a wonderful host and made everyone feel at ease.”

David “I came to Thalia’s events to have fun and try something new, meet interesting people, and hopefully get a match to date.  The event met all three expectations so I would gladly attend more events!

Sarah “It was relaxed and fun overall. Price is good!”

Kasia “Very friendly and fun. Halfway through I really felt relaxed.”

Mark “It was a good vibe overall.  Good balance of activities.”

James “Easy, breezy, no pressure and fun.”

Josh “Everyone participated.”

Eleanor “I liked the interaction, the laughter and fun.”

November  7th Event (2015) at The Social Capital

Patricia: Lots of fun. Great way to meet people and get out of your comfort zone. Well organized!
Andrew: I really enjoyed how over time I got more at ease with the group and myself.
Shawn Mostyn: Fun and games and laughing.
Nixon: Interactive, spontaneous and fun! It was a wonderful event and a great learning experience of how to improv on the spot.
Hamad: Improv and matchmaking is genius!
Al Bixby: Fun and intellectual.
Elizabeth: Good involvement of everyone! Very comfortable.
Oct. 3rd Event at Mind and Games Cafe

Improv for Singles is a  new concept to hit Toronto. If you are single and looking to meet new people, why not try something new rather than online or speed dating. I recently attended an Improv for singles event and had a great time! I met great people and had lots of fun. Your Improv for Singles host Thalia is an innovator and is warm, funny, and inviting.  She makes attendees feel comfortable and at home. There is no pressure to “act” or perform. The focus of the event is on having fun and meeting new people. If you are looking to try something outside of your regular routine, love to laugh and are interested in meeting  new people, I would  highly recommend attending an Improv for Singles event.  Who knows you just might meet that special person.

Very interactive and fun

Eleanor Healey

Improv games were a blast!

Josh Frohwein

It was fun – a good way to meet people.

Christina Andersen

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